Our brand new website is alive!

Yipikayeeeee!! We made ourselves a brand new cutting edge website! Why? Because we can! And, to be honest, because we must. Lately, we have gotten a lot of request to develop several tailor made web platforms for our customers. For more information about (some) those works, please visit our portfolio (aaaaahhh it feels good to say that). Since we always like to use the newest techniques and winning formula’s based on our experience, it was about time to set up a showcase.

How on earth is is possible to create so many cool websites, however, not having one yourself? Well, we kinda figured out we needed one, but as always, time is precious, and our customers always have our priority. But it’s kinda hard to explain about several techniques you’re going to use for them, while there are not many good examples out there. But those days are over, since we now have a platform where all of our services and expertise comes together. And our works, our knowledge and the developments of JBworx are exposed.

What about those cutting edge techniques?

Well…First of all, this website is ultra responsive. Meaning, it’s custom designed on any device (Screen format). Yeah, just try it on your new iPhone or iPad. But not only that, it’s fully retina ready. The icons are in a custom resolution, and even the logo and favorite buttons are mobile-designed. We used this technique before for our customers, both on web design and email designs, because we believe this helps reaching users that adapt to the new developments in web-surfing by using new devices.

Furthermore, it’s fully integrated with all relevant Social Media channels, in order to extend the exposure and serve as a true central platform. Also, we’ve embedded commenting and contact forms for interaction, and last but not least, look at that cool sliders we’ve used.

What are we going to do with this new platform?

A lot of blogging! To get our expertise exposed and find companies that can use our skills. And publish our work online, so we can show what we do, and how we’ve helped entrepreneurs making their targets come true 🙂

What if I want a good new website?

Call us! Although we believe a website should be more than a pumped-up online businesscard, so be prepared to spend some time in this process yourself too. We would advice you to look at it as an investment; with the right use, you will generate much more than you spend. So before we can help you, a good intake of your company and your targets is mandatory. Also, be prepared to communicate, not only via your website, on a frequent schedule, and involve all your communication tools (not only your website and social media platforms). We can help you set up (and execute) this entire process.